• Laudis is more than just a brandy, it is Rossi d’Asiago’s tribute to distilling savoir-faire. This extraordinary distillate is carefully aged for 16 years in fine oak barrels, a process that gives it an amber colour that promises a unique experience. Its intense, enveloping aroma anticipates the complexity of flavours to follow. In just one sip, Laudis manages to surprise even the most refined palates, offering a journey through layers of taste and aroma. This brandy is the emblem of the art of distillation, the result of incomparable dedication to the creation of a fluid work of art. Ready to impress, ready to celebrate the palate.


  • Vineyards:

    multiple grape varieties from Veneto

  • Alcohol content


  • Appearance:


  • Aroma:

    perfume with intense personality

  • Taste:

    smooth, harmonious flavour expresses delicate sensations typical of great aged blends.

  • Aftertaste:

    delicate hints of oak

  • Serving temperature:

    12° – 14°

  • Bottle capacity