• The Selezione Speciale del Fondatore is a tribute to Francesco Dal Toso’s five decades of dedication, packaged in numbered bottles containing aged grappa with a broad and enveloping aroma, stored in elegant screen-printed decanter bottles. This fine distillate saw the light of day in 2008 thanks to the rigorous selection of pomace, in-depth knowledge of the territory, meticulous control of the production process and careful maturation in oak barrels.

    An authentic celebration of the art of distilling, a blend of Veneto grappas that embodies the passion and commitment of Francesco Dal Toso over his 50 years of activity.


  • Appearance:

    clear amber-coloured

  • Aroma:

    ample and captivating perfume, with a good personality and mature fruits hint.

  • Taste:

    rich and enchanting, smooth and well balanced.

  • Aftertaste:

    hints of mature fruits and vanilla.

  • Alcohol content


  • Bottle capacity: