• Due Lustri is more than just a grappa. It is an experience that embraces the senses, a journey of over a decade into the perfection of flavour. This grappa’s production begins with a meticulous distillation of the pomace, capturing its purest essences. But its evolution is what makes it extraordinary. For a minimum of 10 years, it ages patiently in fine wood barrels. It is a period during which it absorbs the character and richness of the wood, resulting in an enveloping bouquet that translates into a complexity of flavours and aromas that leave an indelible impression on the palate. This grappa is a work of art, a celebration of the true Italian tradition of distillation.


  • Alcohol content


  • Appearance:

    clear, amber-coloured

  • Aroma:

    fine perfume with typical wood aroma

  • Taste:

    full, refined flavour, soft and balanced

  • Aftertaste:

    hints of dried fruit and sultanas

  • Bottle capacity: