A new philosophy at the Rossi d’Asiago stand, between nature and design


The 55th edition of Vinitaly, the major international wine and spirits exposition, featured us once again this year. A new stand, the result of the collaboration with artist Moreno Panozzo, revealed an unmistakable style. Recovery, nature and design. The fusion of two worlds, where Rossi D’Asiago products acted as catalysts. The distillery’s iconic products could not be missing: starting with Kranebet Botanic Gin Liqueur, which is now experiencing a period of renewed splendour, finding its fullest expression in the KranebeTonic, the botanical aperitif, to the Antica Sambuca, passing through the Volare Liqueurs for Cocktails, and finally Grappa Culto, a prestigious line of aged single-varietal grappas. -Our idea was to create a space representing us, in line with our green philosophy. This was the reason why we entrusted the international artist Moreno Panozzo with the realisation of our stand- claimed made known in 2020 with the birth in Asiago of the AkademyLab 20/20,a multi-sensory space dedicated to the world of liqueurs and distillates, conceived by the designer Panozzo, who has always been committed to the themes of environmental protection and recovery.




Important meetings and visits


These were busy days, with a lot of meetings and important visits, such as that of the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. A Vinitaly full of novelties and tastings during which we demonstrated our values and the passion behind our products. A real opportunity for dialogue and discussion, as well as an opportunity to meet consolidated partners and new ones.

Four days lived in a multifunctional stand, conceived as an uncommon place able to transport visitors to another reality and to underline the deep bond that exists between the company and the environment. We are very satisfied with the affluence we had and the interest shown in our reality. We are proud of the general appreciation shown towards our stand, since our idea was just to try to transport visitors into our history and philosophy, and we believe we have succeeded in our intent.