The final of the AkademyLab 20/20 Cocktail Competition ended on Tuesday, 20 September in Asiago. The 6 finalists (Antonio Chillocci of Nobel’26 – Nuoro, Chiara Poliero of Blended – Padua, Diego Panontin of Hall – Padua, Michael Marzocchi of D. Park – Grosseto, Paul Minea of Waldorf Hilton- London, and Simone Bani of Al Malò – Brescia), challenged in preparing an original cocktail with one of the flagship liqueurs of the Rossi d’Asiago distillery, to be chosen from Antica Sambuca, Volare liqueurs for cocktails, Kranebet Botanic Gin Liqueur. The theme chosen for this edition was ‘Make it magic.

Four renowned judges decreed the winner:

– Danilo Bellucci, expert communicator as well as creator of the most eagerly awaited prizes and awards in the Italian beverage world: Order of Merit, Lady Drink, 110 e Lode…

– Michele Di Carlo is a consultant, trainer and organiser of courses and masters, as well as president of the Classic Cocktail Club.

– Riccardo Sada, journalist, teacher, writer, event producer and music expert. Since 2008 he has collaborated with Nightlife, the monthly magazine linked to mixology and nightlife, and with Mixer magazine and the Mixerplanet website.

– Solindo Soncin, a legend in the world of mixed drinks. After working in the best restaurants and hotels in Venice, he became the Head Barman of the legendary Hotel Danieli in Venice, one of the hotels that symbolise 5-star hospitality in the world.

Conquering the experts and winning the title of winner was Simone Bani, bar manager at Al Malò in Brescia with his cocktail ‘Nebbia di Montagna’, based on Kranebet Botanic Gin Liqueur.

“Winning was a fantastic emotion and gave me a unique adrenaline rush,” said Simone Bani, the winning barman. “I thank Rossi d’Asiago for allowing me to live this incredible experience. Between finalists we bonded a lot, it was a healthy confrontation that allowed me to grow a lot.”

An itinerary to discover the historic Rossi d’Asiago brand and the Asiago plateau and an important training moment: from the excursion to the juniper fields with the mountain guide Emanuele Pernechele to the sensory tasting with the expert Michele Di Carlo.


The cocktails that made it to the Final Stage:


THE WINNER: Simone Bani (Al Malò, Brescia)

































Cocktail: Nebbia di montagna

45 ml Kranebet Botanic

22,5 ml lemon squeezed

15 ml laurel and vanilla syrup

Dry ice

The Jury’s comment: “Surprising and magical, in taste and presentation”



FINALIST: Antonio Chillocci (Nobel 26, Nuoro)

































Cocktail: Passo dopo passo

3 cl Kranebet botanic

2 cl saffron gin

2.5 cl Grilled Pineapple, Mango and Cinnamon Shrub

1.5 cl Honey mix black tea and mandarin peel

Garnish: cinnamon sprinkle

The Jury’s comment: “From Sardinia to the Asiago plateau among research and experimentation”.



FINALIST: Chiara Poliero  (Blended, Padova)

































Cocktail: A kind of magic pea

3 cl citric solution

2.5 cl agave syrup

5cl Kranebet Botanic

3cl pea tea flower and lavender infusion

Fill up tonic

The Jury’s comment: ”Elegant and stylish. The combination of berries and flowers creates a thirst-quenching magic”.



FINALIST: Diego Panontin (Hall, Padova)

































Cocktail: Saltatempo

40 ml Kranebet

15 ml Red cabbage extract

80 ml Ginger beer

10 ml Lime juice

5 drops Peach Bitter

Garnish Mint leaves

The Jury’s comment: Involving and original, truly surprising.



FINALIST: Michael Marzocchi (D.Park, Grosseto)

































Cocktail: Miris

¼ oz Kranebet botanic

¾ oz Elderflower Volare

½ oz  Forest Fruit Volare

½ citric acid

¼ chamomile and honey syrup

Garnish: chamomile petal crust and citric acid caviar in the spoon

The Jury’s comment: ”Really harmonious and balanced, a sweet spring for the palate”




FINALIST: Paul Minea (Waldorf Hilton, Londra)

































Cocktail: Fairy tale

40 ml Kranebet botanic

15 ml Grand Marnier

20 ml Chestnut liqueur

15 ml Fresh lemon juice

10 ml homemade sultana cordial

egg white

Garnish: Edible flowers

The Jury’s comment: ”A journey of ideas and taste, between memory and innovation”