Kranebet is the authentic Gin Liqueur produced by the Rossi D’Asiago Distillery since 1924 according to the ancient recipe of company founder Giovan Battista Rossi. A natural liqueur obtained from the careful bain-marie distillation of juniper berries and other selected botanicals such as wormwood, gentian, quassia and other herbs and alpine roots that give this product an aromatic and persistent taste.

The Kranebet Launch Party took place at the end of summer in London to officially introduce Kranebet to the British market: an exclusive aperitif at the Silverleaf, a very elegant London cocktail bar, attended by hundreds of guests from all over the world, including journalists, influencers, barmen, brand ambassadors, importers, photographers and videomakers. A true multi-sensory path thanks to the possibility to experience first-hand the botanicals and spices that enrich the liqueur itself.



For the past couple of years, Rossi d’Asiago enjoyed an outstanding partnership: on several occasions, the company cooperated with Erik Lorincz, a world-famous bartender as well as founder and barmanager of the Kwant bar in London, which reached the 6th position in The World’s 50 Best Bars ranking in 2020. During the Kranebet Launch Party in London, Erik entertained guests with private masterclasses aimed at promoting the strengths and uses of Kranebet in mixology, especially in the KranebeTonic aperitif!




At the Kranebet launch event in London, certainly could not miss KranebeTonic, the botanical aperitif that combines Kranebet and tonic water into a pleasant, aromatic and refreshing cocktail. A new way of experiencing the Italian aperitif that gives this historic liqueur a contemporary twist.




1 part Kranebet

3 parts Tonic Water

3 Juniper berries

Lemon zest