The final stage of the 2021 AkademyLab 20/20 Cocktail Competition saw six finalists compete for the first prize whose liquid creations based on the Rossi d’Asiago liqueurs were chosen from hundreds of other participants. The six selected barmen had to create an original cocktail recipe, using as a base for the drink one of the liqueurs from the Rossi d’Asiago distillery, to be chosen between Antica Sambuca, Volare liqueurs for cocktails, Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur.

The competition offered the participants a unique experience in Asiago: three days dedicated to the discovery of the Rossi d’Asiago brand, alternating moments of networking with moments of training; a trip to the juniper fields, a sensory tasting with the expert Michele Di Carlo; and finally the last stage of the competition, where barmen had the chance to perform in front of a jury made up of great names of the beverage industry:

Erik Lorincz, among the most esteemed and recognized bartenders and mixologists of our time, extraordinary bar manager and founder of Kwant in London, which recently ranked 6th in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2020 ranking.

Antonio Della Croce, brilliant bar manager of the prestigious Grand Hotel Abano Terme’s bar, which is member of the “Bond Point Privilege”, an elite international network of cocktail bars that pay homage to the famous spy. Not to be missed: Antonio’s James Bond Drinks Collection.

Danilo Bellucci, expert communicator for important beverage companies, and talented mind behind the most important awards and events of the Italian beverage scene: Order of Merit, Lady Drink, 110 and Lode to name a few.

Michele Di Carlo, the “Taste philosopher”: he’s consultant, trainer and organizer of courses and masters, as well as being the president of the Classic Cocktail Club. A boundless culture in terms of drinks, food and sensory analysis. Among his collaborations we find Slow Food and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.


The cocktails that made it to the Final Stage:


Gabriele Marocco (Laboratorio alchemico – ex La Gineria, Padova)

Cocktail: Marry Mango

30 ml Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur

20 ml curry-flavoured gin

10 ml simple syrup

Fill up mango-flavoured acidified soda

Brush with charamelized mango

“A brilliant and unusual drink, a pleasant surprise that comes from a great passion for “alchemy “. The spicy notes of the curry are well balanced by the tropical taste of the mango soda, and further enhance the aromatic notes of the Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur”.


Christian Ponziani (D.Park, Grosseto)

Cocktail: Grazie

30 ml Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur

10 ml Volare Vanilla liqueur

22 ml Coconut milk and honey homemade cordial

30 ml fig-leaf soda

Garnish: fig praline in a fig leaf

Great presentation and amazing skills, resulting in a very elegant and classy cocktail which highlights the aromaticity of Kranebet Botanic Liqueur”.


Paul Minea (Park Row, Londra)

Cocktail: Altopiano di Asiago

40 ml Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur
20 ml Volare Lychee liqueur
12.5 ml Coconut syrup
10 ml Green acid (citric acid + spirulina powder)
Top up with cucumber and watermelon tonic water.

Garnish: coconut flakes

Complex yet refreshing cocktail with an

elegant presentation and a healthy touch given by the spirulina powder”.


Honza Lukas (Cafe Datel, Repubblica Ceca)

Nome cocktail: Peachy creamy

30 ml Antica Sambuca with Coffee flavour-Liqueur

20 ml double cream

15 ml Volare Peach liqueur

Basil leaf

Top up with homemade peach-flavoured soda

Garnish: fresh basil leaf

Original and interesting drink that cleverly combines contrasting ingredients such as the Antica Sambuca with Coffee flavor-Liqueur with the fruity notes from Volare Peach liqueur”.


Anna Ardò (GESTO Fai il tuo, Milano)

Nome cocktail: LIMONI(AMO)

30 ml Kranebet Botanic Juniper Liqueur
15 ml Volare Creme de Cassis and basil reduction
15 ml Volare Limoncello liqueur
Top up with Prosecco Extra Dry
Garnish: fresh basil leaves

An incredible twist-on-classic cocktail, in which the skilfully made reduction plays with Kranebet’s aromatic notes and Limoncello’s sweet and sour taste”.


George Stavropoulos (Madeleine Bar, Atene)

Nome cocktail: Legacy of Faris

30 ml Volare Raspberry liqueur

30 ml milk vodka

30 ml lemon juice

20 ml Volare Simple Syrup

5 ml Bubblegum syrup

Cranberry & mastiha bitter

Garnish: Mint leaves

Gorgeous looking and instagrammable cocktail with a complex and pleasant taste that perfectly highlights the Volare raspberry liqueur”.

The event has been an excellent opportunity to highlight the talent of the finalists, and to introduce them to the new AkademyLab 20/20: the multi-sensory place conceived and created by the renowned artist Moreno Panozzo.

Learn more about the AkademyLab 20/20 here